Week 4 Quarterback Streaming: Three to Target and One to Avoid

Have you noticed that other QB streaming articles don’t include a “QB1 to avoid” choice? I have, and I’m starting to understand why. Week 3 was my worst so far, but still respectable. I just hope you didn’t bench Matthew Stafford and miss out on his garbage time bonanza.
StatusQBFanDuel PointsQB Rank
Option 1Ryan Tannehill21.08
Option 2Joe Flacco13.821
Option 3Sam Bradford10.626
AvoidMatthew Stafford27.53
And the season-long standings still look good: two QB1s and a high-end QB2. But Stafford’s Week 3 performance put the “avoid” slot in contention with the top two streaming spots.
StatusFanDuel PPGSeason-long rank
Option 122.76
Option 220.19
Option 317.114

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By Brian Malone | @BrianMaloneFF | Archive