Week 3 Quarterback Streaming: Three to Target and One to Avoid

Well, we’re two weeks in, and I don’t have to hang my head in shame yet.1 Two recommended streamers posted QB1 weeks, and Joe Flacco made a respectable, if slightly disappointing, showing:
StatusQBFanDuel PointsQB Rank
Option 1Joe Flacco18.218
Option 2Matt Ryan28.82
Option 3Jimmy Garoppolo21.410
AvoidKirk Cousins19.613
Through two weeks, the top two streaming options have outperformed Drew Brees, who is the QB3 on the season. Even the third streaming option has been better than Ryan Tannehill, who ranks as QB10. And all the streamers have beaten the more highly rostered “avoid” players.
StatusFanDuel PPGSeason-long rank
Option 123.63
Option 223.33
Option 320.310
  Indeed, things are going so well that I’m going to give into to hubris and increase the degree of difficulty. So far, each of my Option 3 selections have been available in at least 90 percent of ESPN leagues. Going forward, this slot will be reserved for QBs who are similarly widely available. 
  1. Not for my quarterback streaming picks, that is. We won’t mention the incident on Sunday afternoon at the Chili’s sports bar.  (back)

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By Brian Malone | @BrianMaloneFF | Archive