Diary of High-Stakes Virgins: Zero RB Dumpster Diving

The original version of this article was a 5,000 word love letter to Stefon Diggs. It was hand-written, scanned, and delivered via carrier pigeon to RotoViz headquarters. Every “i” in Diggs was dotted with a heart. What appears below is the second version of this article after the editors told us our use of glitter was egregious and would in no way help our readers win their fantasy leagues. They also said RotoViz has essentially already written hundreds of love letters to Diggs and that this article would be better utilized as a window into how a Zero RB team attacks the waiver wire in a high stakes league. So that’s what we’ll do, but just know that Diggs, our eighth round pick, put the team on his back last week and single-handedly saved us from going 0-2 in our FFPC Main Event League. We love you, Stefon.

RB Desperation Status: Desperate

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By Patrick Kerrane | @PatKerrane | Archive