Diary of High-Stakes Virgins: Sunk Costs

I don’t think we had given the possibility of losing much thought. We were up 22.6 points in our Week 3 FFPC Main Event matchup, heading into Monday night with Will Lutz still to go vs. their Devonta Freeman. Should be fine, right? We were well on our way to snapping off two wins in a row after our 0-1 start. With 2 minutes left in the game, we were still up 4.4 points. At that point, Pat and I had this exchange on Gchat: gchat_fantasylandffpc

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By Peter Overzet | @peteroverzet | Archive

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  1. No more purgatory for Watkins!

    I had lots of Watkins shares. frowning

    "Bones heal" they said....

  2. Ha, ya. I'm kind of relieved, actually. Instead of getting strung along, we can at least use the roster spot on someone else.

    He and Tyrod and their 3 home games during the fantasy playoffs looked so nice on draft day. Oh well.

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