Late-Round Running Back Hit Rates: A 10-Year Study

Preparing for a fantasy football draft takes time. For some, the studying really never stops. Whether it’s fine-tuning a top-10 wide receiver list, jotting down late-round running backs to monitor, or overreacting to every beat reporter’s training camp update, we are prepared when draft day rolls around. At the very least, our brains are flooded with information. There is no place that you, the “informed owner”, have an advantage more than in the late rounds of a draft. While co-worker Roger is polishing off the last of the cheese dip, you’re confidently waiting to blow everyone’s mind by drafting the next David Johnson in round 12. After all, with endless hours of preparation, chances are good the player you choose will hit, right?

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By Justin Speer | @JustinDSpeer | Archive

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