The Entire List Of Mocker’s Offseason Calls

Accountability is good, so in order to make it real easy, here’s all the calls I made in articles this year. Not all articles take stances or make clear calls, so if you see one not referenced below, that’s the reason.

Of course, please keep in mind that the way my arguments are framed is all about the likelihood of something happening, and paying for probabilities, which should remain the focus in any post-mortem over end results. There’s also sometimes key elements at play like targeting high upside even with a slim chance of happening, which is exceptionally hard to quantify.

There isn’t any real objective way to judge the accuracy of probabilities or likelihoods though, so I’m fine with declaring a call right or wrong by if the player beats his average draft position at the time it was written. There are some articles where the call made was more specific than that, and they are referenced below.

Redraft calls are sorted by position, with a winter and spring dynasty summary at the bottom. There’s also links, with some comments, already-accepted-losses, and retractions throughout.

Please feel free to get on record before the season starts, and post in the comments which ones are wrong and why.

Thanks for all the support and taking the time to read what any of us on the site write, not just myself, and I hope we in some way helped you prepare for what will be a successful 2016 season.


After suggesting Peyton Manning would bounce back to form, and Nick Foles would be fine in the Rams offense, I had some understandable hesitancy when it came to taking stands on quarterbacks this season.

Hoping for some regression to the mean, here are the limited articles taking stands on pass throwers:








Mark Ingram was the only thing keeping me from having a perfect record on running backs last season, going by points-per-game.

Praying against all odds that kind of hit rate carries into this year, with my many calls on ball carriers:







Please keep in mind these pieces were centered around the idea of buying or selling these players at or near what was their current market value at the time of being written. The emphasis was on exploiting the marketplace, and how it would react to impending events, more than specifically planting flags on or against these players.


  • January – Charles Sims, Matt JonesMartellus BennettBrian Quick, and Kenny Stills 
  • February – Marvin Jones and Kendall Wright. (also Jaelen Strong)
  • March – Isaiah Crowell and Ryan Mathews.
  • April – Bilal Powell and Shane Vereen.


  • January – Thomas RawlsMike EvansJarvis LandryDonte Moncrief, and Chris Ivory.
  • February – Jordy Nelson and Mark Ingram.
  • March  Martavis Bryant (post-suspension) and Dion Lewis.
  • April – Giovani BernardJerick McKinnonTheo Riddick, and Danny Woodhead.

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