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Anatomy of a Wide Receiver Breakout

Investing in wide receiver breakout performances is the key to fantasy championships. This will be especially true in 2016 as ADP changes siphon some of the veteran value. I’ve had good success in the past by selecting players with age-adjusted collegiate performance that wasn’t fully priced into their ADPs, but it’s always worth going back to the beginning and questioning those assumptions. Even if the general principles of my approach are right, I want to refine my strategy as much as possible. In this three-part series on WR breakouts, I’m going to begin by describing the breakouts of the past 15 years. In Part 2, I’ll look at metrics like draft position, age, previous NFL production, and collegiate receiving market share to see what we can predict about breakouts. In Part 3, I’ll offer my list of the 7 Breakout Candidates You Must Own in 2016.

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive

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