Fantasyland No. 4 – Zero RB

June 2, 2016: The fourth episode of Fantasyland – The podcast that covers everything you didn’t know you wanted to know about fantasy sports

Zero RB: The Art of Antifragile Drafting

I’ll take, uh, “Running Back in the Open,” for $200, Alex.

Brian Burke, Senior Analytics Specialist at ESPN Stats & Information Group and Founder of Advanced Football Analytics

Host: Peter Overzet – Contributor to RotoViz and Host of The FF Comedy Hour


Shawn Siegele – 2013 NFFC Primetime Champion, Proprietor of Money in the Banana Stand, former Lead Writer for Pro Football Focus Fantasy, Writer for RotoViz, and Creator of the Zero RB Strategy

Steve Palazzolo – Senior Analyst at Pro Football Focus and Contributor at ESPN

Brian Burke – Senior Analytics Specialist at ESPN Stats & Information Group and Founder of Advanced Football Analytics

Brian Owens – Veteran High-Stakes Fantasy Football Player and 2015 Winner of over $60,000 in FFPC leagues


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Matt is the Executive Producer of the RotoViz Radio podcast channel. He started contributing to RotoViz in March 2013. In January 2016 he started working full-time at FantasyLabs, where he’s the Editor-in-Chief.
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  1. You definitely want the guys with standalone value, especially RBs with receiving production. The handcuffs tend to be straight waiver plays, but that depends a little on the number of roster spots and how free agency works in your league.

  2. Here's something @FantasyDouche wrote about standard scoring two years ago:

    I would recommend reading it in full but it suggests standard scoring may be a format where you still want to go RB heavy early, and I think that would be especially true in a league where you only have to start two WRs.

    Really I think the main thing, regardless of format, is just not to use a fragile draft strategy that involves switching to other positions once you have your "starters".

  3. Here's another piece by @amicsta that addresses some of these issues. I think when you consider the article @JustinWinn referenced with this piece, it should allay some of those concerns.

    Even with a double flex, the league you've mentioned is probably a pure Best Player Available league with plenty of options to replace injured players through waivers.

  4. I remembered I wrote a piece on 10-team standard for last season that I still like a lot. It touches on BPA and VBD and some similarities and differences between the approaches (at least as I see them).

    Don't focus too much on the specific players - a crazy number of the recommended guys got hurt; but league-winners DeAndre Hopkins and Doug Martin featured heavily - but on the bigger picture elements of roster construction.

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