DeVante Parker is a Rocket Ship and the Countdown Has Begun

Early in the offseason, a DeVante Parker vs. Demaryius Thomas debate circulated in the dynasty fantasy football community due to their similar startup ADPs in the second round. Parker became somewhat of a poster boy for obsession with youth in dynasty leagues, given his elevated status after just a 26-494-3 rookie season. Eventually Parker’s ADP fell back into the mid-third round, presumably in part due to Miami’s decision to draft another infatuating young receiver in Leonte Carroo. In MFL10s, Parker’s ADP has settled into the mid-fifth. Conservative drafters may note that’s still a pretty steep price to pay for a young player who saw limited time in his rookie season, and it’s a fair point. There are solid known commodities to be had full rounds later. But Parker is on an upward trajectory that suggests superstardom in his future, and the circumstances of his rookie year might have actually caused an ADP situation that we’ll one day look back on as a discount. If you’re looking for this year’s Allen Robinson to emerge as the league’s next great young receiver, Miami’s the place to be. Let’s explore why.

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By Ben Gretch | @YardsPerGretch | Archive