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3 Candidates To Be This Year’s Jordan Reed

This is part of a series that identifies key traits of the best/worst picks of 2015, and finds three candidates to be this year’s version of those players.  What was Jordan Reed last season? We know now that he was the best tight end pick, and the fourth best overall pick, in My Fantasy League MFL10s, as determined by win rate.1 But what was he a year ago, before we knew that? What were the key descriptors one would have used to describe Reed last June?
  • Accomplished receiver
  • On a competent passing offense with limited receiving options
  • On a team consistently expected to be in negative game scripts
  • Late average draft position (15.01 or 169th overall for all 2015 MFL10s)
Which tight ends with depressed, late round average draft positions closely fit that description this year?
  1. The percentage of teams rostering any one player that won an MFL10 league.  (back)

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