Wisdom of the Sharks – Who Do High Stakes Players Like in Rookie Drafts?

The FFPC recently opened up a new group of dynasty leagues at the $250 buy in level, which I suspect will appeal to a lot more casual dynasty players. For that reason, I think that our readers might become increasingly interested in ADP trends in the FFPC format. We’re always hoping to give our readers an extra leg up, so I’ll provide semi-regular updates to FFPC Dynasty ADP through some articles.

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By RotoViz Staff | @rotoviz | Archive

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I updated the ADP table.

  2. Will Fuller always jumps out. Is it because drafters think he flat out isn't that good? Is it because of Osweiler? Is it because a vertical receiver can be a frustrating weekly play and perhaps have a slightly lower ceiling?

    I'm just not sure what to make of a guy who was objectively far better than Michael Thomas and then went way earlier in the draft going after him in fantasy. It's hard not to like Thomas with Drew Brees, but this just seems like a Davante Adams versus Allen Robinson situation.

    Fuller going after three second round reality picks - all of whom have red flags - just seems bizarre, but a lot of smart people are passing when they're on the clock.

  3. I had the 13th overall in the Rotoworld Dynasty league and spent about a week being pretty sure I was getting Fuller there. But then RotoPat took him at 1.05, which I actually thought was right on. I don't know how you can justify taking a 5th round RB before a 1st round WR.

  4. That cuts. Deep. Shawn.

    Please excuse me while I go shower cry.

  5. JLaps says:

    While high stakes players are definitely more savvy than the general fantasy population, my experience in FFPC has shown me that there are still plenty of ignorant players in there. And I'm not calling people "ignorant" simply because they don't agree with my valuations or are employing different strategies, but because they truly are objectively bad at fantasy football. I'm in a $750 dynasty where after just 1 year, there are two teams that have barren rosters despite trading away most of their future picks. Literally ran their team into the ground in just one season with no real hope in sight and no real defensible excuse for it. Wasn't an injury thing, or even bad luck, just consistently bad drafting, bad trades, and mismanagement of FAAB dollars.

    I'm not trying to paint myself as God's gift to fantasy, just pointing out that you can still find teams in high stakes leagues that look like they were drafted by your coworker who barely even follows football.

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