Tyler Boyd: An All-Around Phenom in a Phenomenal Situation

My NFL articles have been few and far between recently, but I had to come out of my NASCAR shell to write about Tyler Boyd. Why is that? Well, when Boyd’s name got called as the 55th pick going to the Cincinnati Bengals, I got together with my good friend PACO who told me that despite being the seventh WR drafted, Boyd will be a top three rookie receiver in 2016. That begs the question…who is this PACO guy and why is his name in ALL CAPS?! You see, while Fantasy Douche has his YOLO QB strategy, I have my pal PACO. Yes, yes, PACO is an acronym. An acronym for Production, Age, Comps, and Opportunity — my preferred method for assessing wide receiver prospects. And Boyd checks the box for each of the four…phenomenally so.

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By RotoDoc | @RotoDoc | Archive