Todd Gurley’s Upside Isn’t Adrian Peterson… It’s Jamaal Charles

RotoDoc recently wrote an excellent breakdown of why he will be and why you should be fading Todd Gurley in redraft this year. For the reasons included, and because I am a Zero RB disciple, I agree with him. That being said, I think he is also selling Gurley short. Gurley may prove himself to be an excellent receiving running back in the NFL, which wouldn’t make Adrian Peterson his upside. It would make someone like Jamaal Charles his upside.

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By Justin Winn | @TheHumanHuman | Archive

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  1. Gurley had a grand total of 12 receptions for 57 (4.8 ave/rec) yards in his last season in college, so I fail to see how his final year receptions per game helped his prospect score. I'll acknowledge his 2013 season was much better but it seems the receiving ability of college running backs is based more on perception than results. Ezekiel Elliot is being sold as great receiving back and his senior year was 27 receptions for 206 yards. That is not bad, but it seems like a mighty fine line between a being hailed as great receiving RB out of the backfield, to being a guy who can't catch like Melvin Gordon who had 8 less receptions and 53 less yards (though 3 more TDs) his final college season.

    I appreciated the article and its worth thinking about come draft time, but I think I'm leaning to the article where it looked at a scoring regression.

  2. He only played in six games in his final season. Two receptions per game is actually quite a bit in college.

    As for Zeke v. Gordon: Gordon had about one reception for every 29 college carries. Zeke had one for about every 10 carries. Neither were studs by that measure, but it's still a pretty big difference. (That being said, I'm pretty firmly in the camp of they just didn't pass to Gordon and there were a lot of times they should have but didn't.)

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