The 2016 Post Draft NFL Rookie Rankings

Now that the NFL draft has ended, we can revisit our pre-draft rookie rankings and update them. Sixteen RotoViz scribes got together and ranked the top 60 dynasty fantasy football rookies.

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By Charles Kleinheksel | @Spidr2ybanana | Archive

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  1. beau sandland didnt even make the list??

  2. Pretty sure that's because of the poor agility.

  3. I was disappointed with the agility times but also think it's a really rough landing spot with Rawls, Michael, and Collins also there. It probably relegates him to pure passing down back. That can be quite valuable, but it definitely moves him into the same tier with Ervin and Drake for me. You could even argue for Ferguson being in a better position now.

  4. If we know Rawls is overrated as a runner (and he pretty much has to be), doesn't that mean he might not actually be much competition?

  5. Between his limited athleticism, poor receiving totals, and draft position, Collins looks like a JAG to me. He has solid rushing production, but I just don't think he's cut out to be significant in the NFL.

    I'm not sure that I disagree the edge goes to Rawls, but my point was that we know Rawls' 2015 production is inflated. If Rawls is really more of a career 4.5 Y/A RB who doesn't catch then that might not actually be such tough competition.

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