Draft Strategy

Rashad Jennings Will Hold The Door On Your Championship Run

MFL10 drafters are giving the Giants’ backfield a wide berth. When Bran Stark stumbled on a zombie army led by a sinister white king with glowing blue eyes, some might argue he also should have given them a wide berth. Instead Bran messed his diaper and turned Hodor into a meat doorstop. Cautionary tale? Hardly. We can do better.
“I’m here to help…regardless of anybody’s opinions of me. I’m here to help win a championship.” – Rashad Jennings
When Rashad Jennings is available in the ninth round, just take him. With a positional ADP of 42 he’s severely undervalued, and his role is more secure than you might think. Not convinced? Let’s go through the possible objections one by one.

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By Josh Hermsmeyer | @friscojosh | Archive