Marshawn Lynch Hates Your Dynasty Team, Still Hasn’t Retired

Source: Marshawn Lynch hasn’t filed retirement papers | ProFootballTalk

Last week, the Seahawks finally placed running back Marshawn Lynch on the reserve-retired list. This caused many to assume that Lynch finally had filed his retirement papers.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Lynch hasn’t. 


Regardless of whether he has filed retirement papers, Lynch can get back in by filing a piece of paper that declares his desire to return. At that point, the Seahawks would have to decide whether to re-absorb his $9 million base salary and welcome him to the team, trade him, or cut him. If Lynch is released from the reserve/retired list after the trade deadline, he’d be required to pass through waivers.

Yeah, Lynch was last spotted riding a camel in Egypt. And, yeah, I dropped him from two dynasty teams last week when the Seahawks put him on the reserve-retired list. But I’m regretting that decision now. Lynch has little regard for social norms and even less regard for your fantasy team. We shouldn’t have been so confident about a pair of cleats hanging on a power line.

So long as there’s hope that Lynch returns for one more season, he’s worth more than Andre Williams or whatever end-of-the bench guy you should really be cutting. I’m no cap expert, but it looks like Seattle would be able to welcome him back if they choose. And even if they don’t, the man will find work.

This is also a reminder of just how fragile Thomas Rawls’s dynasty value is. In January, people were trading 2016 mid-first round picks for Rawls (back when those were worth something). If Rawls steps into Lynch’s role, he could command that price again by October. But if Rawls can’t get past his broken ankle and C.J. Prosise lives up to his David Johnson-like potential, you’d be lucky to trade Rawls for a 2017 third rounder. Though, to be fair, 2017 is a lock to be the most valuable rookie third round in the Dynasty Era.

And while we’re painting the worst case scenario, let’s not forget that draft investment matters, even after a great rookie season.

RB Draft position

All that said, the simplest explanation is usually best. Lynch probably isn’t coming back. The Seahawks are probably just being cautious with Rawls’s broken ankle. And Prosise isn’t really a good bet to replicate Johnson’s rookie success. But we Rawls owners are practically begging for some certainty. So come on, Marshawn – throw us a bone and file the papers already.


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By Brian Malone | @BrianMaloneFF | Archive

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