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May 5, 2016: The third episode of Fantasyland – The podcast that covers everything you didn’t know you wanted to know about fantasy sports.

Rotoworld: The center of the fantasy universe.

I couldn’t believe how excited I was to write for free on the Internet!

— Matthew Berry, Senior Fantasy Analyst at ESPN and Former Senior Writer for Rotoworld

Host: Peter Overzet – Contributor to RotoViz and Host of The FF Comedy Hour


Matthew Berry – Senior Fantasy Analyst at ESPN, Proprietor of RotoPass, Author of The New York Times Best Seller Fantasy Life, Fantasy Sports Hall-of-Famer for the FSTA and FSWA, and Former Senior Writer for Rotoworld

Gregg Rosenthal – Editor of Around the NFL at, Analyst on the Around the NFL Podcast, and Former Senior Football Editor of Rotoworld

Evan Silva – Senior Football Editor of Rotoworld

Chris Wesseling – Writer for Around the NFL at, Analyst on the Around the NFL Podcast, and Former Senior Football Editor of Rotoworld

Mike Clay – Football Analyst for ESPN, Former Managing Editor and Director at Pro Football Focus Fantasy, and Former Football Writer for Rotoworld

Rick Wolf – President of Fantasy Alarm, Fantasy Sports Hall-of-Famer for the FSTA, and Former Executive Vice President of Rotoworld

Adam Levitan – Analyst for DraftKings, Writer for FantasyLabs, Cohost of The Daily Fantasy Edge podcast, Two-Time Award Winner for the FSWA, Winner of the Poker Night in America Main Event, and Former Football Writer for Rotoworld

Pat Daugherty – Football Writer for Rotoworld


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About The Show

Executive Producer: Fantasy Douche – Editor-in-Chief of RotoViz

Producer: Matthew Freedman – Writer for FantasyLabs and Producer of the RotoViz podcasts

Associate Producer: Patrick Kerrane – Writer for RotoViz

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Thanks to the RotoViz Radio Channel for syndicating our pilot mini-series, and thanks to Rotoworld for syndicating this episode.

By Matthew Freedman | @MattFtheOracle | Archive

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