How to Use the Box Score Scout to Win Friends and Influence People

The Box Score Scout App is one of the most powerful tools in the RotoViz arsenal, so let’s take a few minutes to explore not only what it does, but why it does it so well.

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By Charles Kleinheksel | @Spidr2ybanana | Archive

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  1. Love this app! Any chance age gets included? Using career games as a proxy, but that's no substitute for the real thing. There has been a lot of good content on the site that's increased my ageism.

  2. Also, when I put in Laquon Treadwell with the same variables, all I get is a list of nobodies. I realize opinions vary and all, but the list suggests he isn't even worthy of being drafted and that can't be right.

  3. Can't speak to your difference with Sammy, but with Treadwell if you're using DRAFT and not specifying a draft position it will assume 263, which will make his comps very bad and/or other rookies.

    EDIT: When I use WT, CAR.MSRECYDS, MSRECYDS, and DRAFT for Treadwell I get Moncrief, Julio, Andre Johnson, and Perriman as comps for Treadwell so long as his draft position is in the top 10. You lose Andre past 10. You lose Julio past 17.

  4. So, I was able to replicate your experience FD. But those variables ARE in a different order than the article and I think that must be what happened. The author took a screen shot of the APP variables, switched the order while fiddling and then took a results screenshot of the different order of variables.

    Anyhow, don't want to be accused of splitting hairs, but when the app produces a different list with different order of variables, I sort of want to figure out WHICH order of variables is the most reliable.

    I appreciate you looking into this!

    By the way, all of us (author, you, and me) all used the draft variable but didn't put a number in. According to Justin, the app will assume 263 and generate poor results. But it didn't?

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