Assessing the Landing Spots For 2016’s First Round Rookie Rookie Receivers

There was a strong run of wide receivers taken in the second half of the first round of the NFL draft. We all want our dynasty rookie picks to quickly appreciate, and the best way for that to happen is for a rookie to start out with strong production in their first year. One of the biggest determining factors of whether a player is productive is his opportunity. Would Kelvin Benjamin have put up the same numbers if the Panthers’ receiving corps wasn’t so barren going into the 2015 draft? Would Odell Beckham Jr have become a first-year sensation if Victor Cruz didn’t tear his patellar tendon, leaving a target vacuum to fill? We can’t say for sure, but opportunity certainly lined up in favor of both. We updated out 2016 rookie wide receiver opportunity scores yesterday, and you can see earlier posts for more information. In essence, we’re trying to see which teams have quarterbacks much more highly rated than receivers (based on ADP), meaning a rookie could more easily surpass veterans on the roster. In yesterday’s first round, Corey ColemanWilliam FullerJosh Doctson and Laquon Treadwell were all selected by teams with a broad range of potential opportunity.

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By Kevin Cole | @Cole_Kev | Archive

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  1. Of these four, I like Treadwell in Minnesota the best, even though I'm not a believer in Bridgewater but I think these two will develop a pretty good chemistry and become a pretty good tandem. I think he supersedes Diggs immediately, obviously. Fuller seems to be in a decent spot and ought to take some pressure off of Hopkins but I agree, it's hard to determine how reliable of a fantasy producer he will be. Doctson and Coleman are not in the best situations for immediate fantasy pay-off, in my opinion.

  2. I wouldn't give up on Bridgewater so quickly. His AYA hasn't really grown from year 1 to year 2, but he was pressured on 50% of his dropbacks last year and didn't really have a lot of weapons in the pass game. I think him and Treadwell can really form a dynamic duo.

  3. Yeah, Bridgewater's numbers have actually been pretty solid for a QB with his age and level of experience. When you consider that Minnesota's OL was universally regarded as terrible last season and that he had one of the worst receiver groups in the NFL (if not the worst), it's hard not to be optimistic.

  4. They (the Vikings) also brought in two FA linemen, as well as getting two back from IR who missed the whole year. Their line should be much improved this year.

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