A Potentially Elite RB Prospect Flies Below the Draft Radar

Despite a reality draft believed to be the deepest in years, this isn’t a particularly appealing draft at the fantasy positions. With the possible exception of Ezekiel Elliott at 1.o1, the top half of the first round has a fraction of its normal value. Savvy drafters would probably prefer to trade down into the Will Fuller/Tyler Boyd section or out of the 2016 first round entirely. On the other hand, interesting sleepers abound, and the most intriguing might be Wendell Smallwood.

Wendell Smallwood Super Sleeper

One of my favorite aspects of fantasy writing is the community of fellow writers and readers. I recently received an email from reader Matt Rosenberg saying he’d won his 2015 leagues due to winning the race to fill the flex and asking about Wendell Smallwood. That query encouraged me to investigate Smallwood in more detail, and I’m glad I did.

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive