Jared Cooks Visits Green Bay, Jared Cook Google Alerts Show Rare Sign of Life

There were a few reports yesterday that Jared Cook was visiting the Packers. As the world’s preeminent Jared Cook apologist I figured I should at least comment.

First can I say that when Cook lit the world on fire during Week 1 of the 2013 season I may have hit peak excitement level for my time as an adult? I really can’t remember ever being more excited.

Of course having one really big career game like that makes Cook the tight end equivalent of Corey Haim. That game was Cook’s License to Drive and from there it was all downhill. Sure, I may have gotten excited when Cook later went for 80 and a touchdown against Chicago but even that turned out to be more of a Blown Away level pitstop on the way to the bottom.

However, as a Cook apologist I’m required to leave this here:index

As I once said of the players that threw Braylon Edwards the ball, that’s not a list of quarterbacks, that’s a list of punchlines.

So am I excited there’s a chance that Cook could sign with the Packers and catch the ball from the world’s best quarterback? You’re goddamn right I am. Will that yield a slew of pro-Cook articles this year? C’mon guys, even I have limits to how much I can embarrass myself. But don’t hold me to that.

Here’s an excerpt from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal:

Former St. Louis tight end Jared Cook, probably the best remaining free agent at his position, made an official visit, according to National Football Post. The NFL Network reported that his visit came Monday.

Cook fits the kind of free agent GM Ted Thompson prefers. He was released by the Rams on Feb. 19 after the team did a housecleaning on offense, which means if signed he would not count toward the compensatory pick calculation next year.


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