I’m Not Drunk – Stash Bruce Ellington in Dynasty

If you clicked on this article wondering “who the eff is Bruce Ellington and why should I stash him?”, congratulations, you’re in the right place. Bruce Ellington is a third-year wide receiver for the 49ers who has recently caught my attention for three reasons.
  1. Looking through Zach Whitman’s work, I was reminded that Bruce Ellington is incredibly athletic.
  2. He was astonishingly efficient with his targets in college, even if he had low market share.
  3. New coach Chip Kelly is intrigued by Ellington.
I know some of what you’re about to read will sound crazy, but I really think there could be a perfect storm brewing for Ellington.

The Athleticism

Our friend Zach Whitman recently appeared on RotoViz Radio to discuss SPARQ scores for the 2016 wide receivers.1 In preparation for that interview, I looked back through historical SPARQ scores and noticed this, from the historically great receiver class of 2014:
  1. a composite metric that boils a player’s athleticism down to a single number  (back)

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By Jon Moore | @HelloJonMoore | Archive