Could This Combine Loser Be the Next Stefon Diggs?

After the combine, a little air came out of the Tyler Boyd balloon. Boyd, who was a consensus top-two receiver in devy leagues going into the 2015 season, now doesn’t even reside in many ranker’s top five. Even though he had one of the most precocious college wide receiver seasons of the decade, Boyd’s stock is dropping significantly. Most likely this is due to poor senior year raw stats, poor combine scores, and from poor grades given by multiple popular writers. All hope is not lost though.

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By Matt Oxford | @mattoxford | Archive

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  1. I'm not sure I follow. Matt points out how the only two players with better PIs are likely to go after Boyd in the reality draft.

  2. Sure, but Fuller is not actually going to go after Boyd in rookie drafts after the NFL Draft. (I think my first round projection is more accurate than current ADP in terms of what drafts are really going to be like, although that's true by definition or I would have written it differently.)


    I think the interesting thing with both Diggs and Boyd is that nobody really believes that production is that important. I wrote about the supremacy of production and breakout age (which is more important than final age) back in 2014, but while people are willing to give credence to it generally, they are not willing to draft the people it actually applies to.

  3. Interesting comparison. I see where the comparison of Boyd to Diggs can be made but that depends (to me) an awful lot on exactly what one thinks of Diggs, doesn't it? It seems the implication (or bias) is that Diggs will become a productive NFL and fantasy WR if I'm interpreting things correctly but I would say in reference to the article, with regards to Boyd, I'm not so sure about his future because I honestly think we don't know what we have in Diggs yet. To early to tell for me.

  4. Which just reinforces the point. You don't believe in Diggs because there's a completely different "show-me" mentality around a less athletic, lower round pick.

    For his career, Diggs has three awesome market share seasons in college and an amazing season for a 5th round rookie where he had a better market share of team targets and better reFPOEPT than uber-prospect Amari Cooper. Boyd has three amazing college seasons.

    The next time either of them has a bad season it will be the first time.

  5. Yeah, I think the disconnect is that you're under the impression that Diggs isn't good because he's always played on low volume passing attacks and/or that he'll never be good because he'll never play on a higher volume passing attack. And then you're somehow also assuming that Boyd will also play in a low volume passing attack because he's similar to Diggs.

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