4 Super Productive Wide Receivers Ready For NFL Success

If you’ve been reading anything I’ve published over the past couple weeks,1 you know that I’ve been using regression trees in an attempt to gain insight into what NFL combine drills matter for running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends. Plus, we found the running backs and wide receivers who won the combine. My most recent post combined age, production and combine measurables for wide receiver prospects into the same regression tree, and the outcome was unexpected, but understandable: combine measurables don’t matter for predicting NFL success, at least in comparison to collegiate production. The resulting regression tree differentiated between wide receiver prospects heavily by receiving market share (career and final year), efficiency (yards per reception), and for those with lower career market share, age. Now that we have the templates for wide receiver success, we can apply them to the 2016 class and find those most likely to find stardom in the NFL. Here’s a look back at the actual tree:
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By Kevin Cole | @Cole_Kev | Archive