Amari Cooper Has Nothing On Stefon Diggs

This post is part of a series of articles where various RotoViz writers name their favorite buy low for dynasty fantasy football, with a look at the 2016 NFL season and beyond. At the conclusion of the series, the authors will get together to rank the various nominations in one final post. In this installment, Shawn Siegele discusses his pick, Stefon Diggs.

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive

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  1. Just curious (and this is my first comment after recently joining and catching up on all of the great information on the site) how much of the opinion on Diggs being a great buy-low candidate is due to what I call "likability bias"? Diggs had four good games then he had eight not so great to close out the season. How can we be sure the "real Diggs" is the streak of four good games and not the streabad k of eight games?

  2. A lot of times, we see players who are "killing it" in college and their game doesn't translate over to the NFL, for whatever reason, including reasons out of their control. I can see where people are skeptical about Diggs due to his poor finish to the season and while that's a contributing factor in my skepticism, I also don't really like his situation in Minnesota primarily. I'm not convinced Bridgewater will get to "elite" status, not that it's necessary for Diggs to produce numbers as some are hoping from him, but Bridgewater does need to elevate his game some to make any Vikings WR fantasy relevant. Then there is Adrian Peterson. While he is getting older, and will be 31 when the '16 season starts, he has defied conventions before, namely with his ACL injury, so maybe the age issue won't impact him as some might expect, leading to Minnesota continuing to focus on running the ball. Then the expected transition to a more pass-based offense is delayed even further as long as Peterson is still able to run the ball well.

    Having said all of that, there still is a point where anybody becomes good value, regardless of how the previous season may have unfolded.

  3. I had wanted to get back to this... While I do agree production seems necessary to succeed in the NFL, I would like to so to speak, "split the difference" about this in that production translates and traits don't. There have been many WR's who did "kill it" in college but then flopped in the NFL. This is going back a bit but I can name at least 3 off the top of my head, David Terrell, Charles Rogers, Michael Clayton. I'm sure I can find more and more recent examples. So, I will say college production seems to be necessary to become successful at the NFL level but is NOT a guarantee of success. Those WR's that DO NOT have much college success seems like they will struggle in the NFL.

  4. I think Shawn's point is that if you're betting against Diggs then you may as well have betting against guys like Alshon, Josh Gordon, or ARob too. And if you weren't betting against those guys then you probably shouldn't be betting against Diggs.

  5. I would absolutely do a random 17 1st.

    I've made two trades recently for Diggs. The first one:


    Edit: Got 2.01 too, forgot about that.

    The other was bestball, so it's not as applicable and roster construction is more relevant, but:



    That trade is objectively an overpay.

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