How to Profit in Daily Fantasy NASCAR – Part 5: GPP Strategy – Driver Selection

This is part five of a multi-part series intended to help both newcomers and veterans learn profitable Daily Fantasy NASCAR strategy. In this series Nick Giffen (@RotoDoc) teaches you everything you need to know to jump right into the sport and succeed. Nick holds a Ph.D. in mathematics, has won multiple NASCAR GPP tournaments, and is a two-time qualifier for the DraftKings NASCAR Main Event Live Final – the King of the Speedway. After mastering the art of finding dominators and high-floor drivers for your cash game lineups, it’s time to dip those toes into the guaranteed prize pool (GPP) waters. With the increasing pay scale for finishing higher in GPPs, the goal is to win and win big. As a result, we’re not concerned with downside or “what’s likely,” but rather, “what’s possible.” Due to the increasing pay scale, we are focused on upside and ownership percentages. In this piece, we’ll focus on upside, with ownership in the next GPP strategy article. Starting with upside, there’s a preferential list that I use when trying to find drivers’ upside. It goes, in order:
  1. Dominators
  2. Movers
  3. Contenders
  4. Front Runners
  5. Salary Relief Movers
  6. The Rest
So what do each of these categories mean, and why are they ordered this way?

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By RotoDoc | @RotoDoc | Archive