Changing Times: Could David Cobb be a Viable Fantasy Running Back?

The ever-changing landscape of the NFL saw seven teams crown new head coaches following the end of the regular season. With all seven from offensive backgrounds, there will no doubt be a lot of changes on each of these teams. With this in mind, I take a look at the new coaches, and offer some thoughts on players who should significantly benefit. Up next, the Tennessee Titans.

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By Neil Dutton | @ndutton13 | Archive

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  1. Cobb certainly may be the lead RB next season but I'm not so sure this article gives us enough evidence to believe that.

    His RUYPS was almost the same as Antonio Andrews and not that much better than Bishop Sankey.
    When we factor the passing game, he was the least productive RB among the 3:

    Andrews - 1,64
    Sankey - 1,88
    Cobb - 1,25

    The passing game is even more important in a PPR league and the fact that Cobb is a non factor in the passing game will cost valuable snaps (and fantasy points).

    So Cobb had the least snaps among those 3 RBS and he was the least productive of the 3 on a yards per snap basis.
    He has a better draft position than Andrews and Sankey was drafted by the old regime, so that's a positive, but other than that there's nothing to believe he will win the starting job.

    Right now I'd call the leading RB job a toss up at best.
    And that's not even considering that the Titans might add a better RB via FA or the Draft.

  2. To me this TEN run game illustrates just how much coach's choice is involved in RB numbers. They basically pivoted off of Bishop Sankey to use RBs who pretty much were just as bad. Does it matter which RB they use? Probably not a ton. But they seem to think it matters even though all of the results they get almost no matter what they try are bad.

  3. My favorite thing about the Titans coaching decisions is that the worse they are at running the football, the more they seem to be committed to ground-n-pound. Of course, that's an equally good option as everything else when you used your offseason to sign Harry Douglas.

  4. Yep.
    Although I argued that the Titans starting RB is a toss up for now, I could (should?) have argued: Who even cares?

    The starting RB for TEN probably won't have enough points to be fantasy relevant if not for deeper leagues.
    When Dexter McCluster is highly involved in the running game you already know nothing good can come from it.

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