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How Old is Too Old for Danny Woodhead?

Did you know that Danny Woodhead is 16 months older than Marshawn Lynch? He’s older than Maurice Jones-Drew. He’s older than Laurence Maroney. The formerly undrafted, finally appreciated Chadron State alum turned 31 last month, and will play the 2016 season closer to his 32nd birthday than his 31st. In running back terms, he’s ancient. Yet, according to early results from the MFL10 Best Ball ADP App, Woodhead is being drafted as RB27 near the end of the sixth round. Last season, the PPR RB27 scored 155.9 points. In 2014, it was 145 points. The average RB27 from 2009 to 2013 was about 153 points. We’re looking at an expectation of just over 150 PPR points. Can Woodhead fight off age and return value at that price?

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By Ben Gretch | @YardsPerGretch | Archive