A Brief Comment on the Use of Comparables for NFL Prospects

We’re in peak draft season so the NFL prospect to NFL player comparables are going to be reaching peak saturation in no time. In fact we have and will continue to add to the noise that results from the practice of comparing NFL prospects to NFL players. For that reason

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By RotoViz Staff | @rotoviz | Archive

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  1. Lots of great points here, and obviously really important for our readers. It's why, for instance, in my Prescott piece, I liked to discuss the comparisons to guys like Kellen Clemens and other players that clearly aren't of note now, but cost higher draft capital than what Prescott will probably go for right now.

    I think in that way, we can find tons of arbitrage opportunities just by saying "This guy will probably go in the fifth round, but looks a lot like other players who went in the second round" regardless of the actual outcome of those players.

  2. I also like that this finally provides a platform for RV to stop giving away the secrets to fantasy success.

    But seriously this was a very helpful article. I'm guilty of looking at comps lists and basically disregarding the bad ones. As you mentioned, I'm guilty of focusing too much on the upside guys. Your point about probability also hit me because now I feel like the dude who was chasing gut shots for my entire stack because I didn't realize how stupid the odds were.

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