The 2016 RotoViz Scouting IDP Diary

We have an excellent offensive rookie draft prospect tracking system here at RotoViz. I hope to give those that wish to follow IDP something similar, but in a different format. Much love to Charles Kleinheksel for pumping out five scouting indexes prior to February. I will try a different approach to keep our IDP readers up to date. The six sites we are using at RotoViz (DraftTek, NFL Draft Geek, Walter Football, Ourlads, CBS Sports, and Rotoworld) have differing methods of tracking their rankings, so I’ve got this ridiculous spreadsheet to track all of them that I wouldn’t dare confuse you with. Because position designations are more fluid on defense and schemes matter, I can’t just offer a table of composite rankings.  Scheme is so important in IDP, and I’ll track potential scheme fits in order to identify safe IDP performers with upside. Opportunity plays a big role as well. As a fantasy player, I’m a value shopper. I’ll be looking to find guys that, when given the right role, have a chance to hit. As I drill down I’ll be looking for those later round gems so that I can spend my early rookie picks on offensive players.

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By Eric Braun | @FFPlanetX | Archive

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  1. McG says:

    Great article.

    If you're taking suggestions, I'd love an article outlining draft strategies for DL in IDP.

    I've been in a league for 4 years and still am lost at sea on DL drafting.

  2. This isn't really about DL drafting, but I often do 2-for-1 trades where I take the weaker (but hopefully upside) offensive player in return for my trade partner including an elite IDP. (This probably actually works better on 4-for-4 trades and that kind of thing where you can obscure the IDP trade target a little.)

    IDPs tend to be a little less reliable than offensive players, but that can get you an ever bigger discount sometimes. I added JPP and S. Richardson to Watt and Campbell on my Iron Throne team last year and then those goofballs proceeded to make themselves far less valuable, but depth is always hugely helpful. You never know who's going to get hurt or be involved in some random weirdness. (If it had been the other way around and Watt had had something happen, I would have been very glad to have them.)

    Of course, it depends on your IDP settings. In some leagues tackle-heavy LBs are really the only players worth obsessing over.

    (Also, I think Eric will have more content on the draft subject as the offseason progresses.)

  3. Eric says:

    McG, I'd like to give some strategy suggestions in the future. Are you more interested in rookie DL for a dynasty or is your league redraft?

    My redraft strategy last season was either Watt early or Quinn/Dunlap a few rounds later. I ended up with Quinn/Dunlap quite a bit and it worked well until Quinn was injured. Like Shawn said its important to get good depth behind them. I don't like going late DL in redraft. They should be the first guys you select among IDP. When to pull the trigger vs drafting offense is the trick though and that's where I'll focus for a strategy article. I think I wrote a little on this last season and I'll give you a link if I did.

  4. McG says:

    @PlanetX , and I'd love to take that advice!

    Dynasty - so rookie only draft.

    We do a 12 team 6 round rookie draft. While I'd welcome thoughts on DL for this year, I'd also appreciate more general advice. For example, if an IDP rookie draft, when do you usually think the DL should start falling off the board?

    I'm willing to miss the first guy off if someone drafts a stud DL high, but I'd hate to draft the 12th WR off the board only to watch the #2-6 DL fall between my picks. Hopefully that made sense. ....

    Anyway, look forward to any advice here or any future article. Thanks.

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