Dynasty Stock Market: To The Trade Window, Sell Tom Rawls, All Mike Evans’ Dropped Balls

This is the second article in a new, two-part monthly series called Dynasty Stock Market that discusses which players I am buying or selling on my Dynasty rosters. This article is discussing players I am trying to trade away if I own them. For players I am actively trying to acquire, I wrote this last week Some important dates to remember are the NFL combine February 23rd, the beginning of free agency March 15th, and the NFL draft April 28th. 


This is a bit trickier. While recommending buying players, there seems to be an inherent understanding by the reader/listener that the author is only advocating paying the current market price. For whatever reason, this doesn’t seem to translate when you are saying to sell or not draft a player – the only thing people seem to hear/read is “this guy sucks”. I think every player in the NFL has some value, and there are leagues out there deep enough where damn near everybody is ownable. I don’t think the players discussed below suck; while that may seem ridiculous to have to point out, it’s sadly necessary. What I’m saying is that their current market value is illogically high, and it would be smart to at least explore what you might be able to get for them. In fact, the first player is someone I absolutely love as a person and a player, but his value in Dynasty leagues right now is higher than Eddie Lacy‘s cholesterol.


The next Arian Foster? Maybe.

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  1. If Lynch returns, Rawls’ value will plummet like a stone from a slingshot on Mars.

    Maybe in redraft, but in dynasty? Lynch doesn't really factor into the Rawls decision, from a dynasty perspective, that much. He's an old RB coming off a bad year in which he was constantly injured. He's rumored to be either retiring, or cut. If that changes a long-term view of a player then you're dealing with pretty fickle owners.

    I think you could make the selling case compelling by just stating that:

    i) Rawls is coming off a broken ankle;
    ii) he produced in like 5 games; and
    iii) Michael is direct competition who they clearly like.

    I do agree that some of those trades are a bit crazy.

  2. I think it would affect his value a good bit. You're looking at a year of lost starts (assuming Marshawn stays healthy) and the longer timeframe increases the odds of them adding another significant RB. I think his value would be comparable to someone like Knile Davis before the start of last season- a high end backup.

  3. Thanks for the reply and explanation - I understand your reasoning. I guess I have very little faith that Lynch is going to amount to anything next year, even if he plays. Seemed to have one foot out the door this year.

    What would CJ?K returning to Arizona do to David Johnson's stock in your opinion?

  4. I think people are being way too confident that they know for sure Arians will just go with DJ full time now. I'm not convinced of it, but he is a very special talent in a perfect offense, so I understand paying with that premise in mind.

  5. I am shopping Rawls in a few leagues. What pick this year would you trade him straight up for?

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