Jumping Into the Shark Pool with My Floaties On: Week 14

This weekly article serves as a case study for those of you who would like to play in a high stakes league but don’t want to make the jump from a $50 to $1,500 buy-in. I joined a $250 Fantasy Football Player’s Championship satellite league in order to get a feel for the type of competition that you will see as you work your way up the ranks. I’ll explore the nuances that I find different from the low-stakes leagues I am in and will write about lessons that I’ve learned for that week. Since this is a series that was created for the sake of helping others, please ask questions in the comments sections below and I will address them. Unless you ask me why my team sucks. In that instance, you can go fly a kite. FFPC leagues are Tight End Premium PPR leagues with 20 roster spots.


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By Josh Perusse | @j_formation | Archive