Injury Updates: Andre Ellington, Chris Johnson, and Jimmy Graham

Going into Week 12, the Arizona backfield boasted a stable of running backs. Coming out the back end of Week 12, not so much. Their starter, Chris Johnson, fractured his tibia. I haven’t found any reports of where in the tibia the fracture is, its extent or severity. If it was a displaced fracture (meaning that the fragments of bone moved apart from each other) he’d require surgery, and we would know about that (one would think), so therefore likely it’s not a displaced fracture. So it’s either a non-displaced crack seen on X-ray, or simply a line surrounded by swelling seen only on MRI, but not visible on X-ray. Neither of these requires surgery, but he’s not playing football until the fracture has healed. He was given a timeline of 6-8 weeks and was placed on IR, designated for return. That means he can play if the Cardinals reach the Super Bowl. That sounds reasonable, but suffice it to say he’s done for this fantasy football season.

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By Jeffrey E. Budoff, MD | @JeffBudoff | Archive

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