2016 NFL Draft Prospect: Alabama RB Derrick Henry, Pick 1.01?

The 2015 college football bowl season is underway. On Thursday, December 31, we will see the Goodyear Cotton Bowl, the second of this year’s college football playoff semifinals, featuring Michigan State (12-1) and Alabama (12-1). For a matchup between top-three teams, the game doesn’t have nearly as many notable draft-eligible prospects as one might hope, but it does have perhaps the most important fantasy prospect of the 2016 class, Alabama junior running back Derrick Henry.

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By Matthew Freedman | @MattFtheOracle | Archive

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  1. I'd like to see what his weight-adjusted agility scores are - he seems like a very stiff (so stiff he should wear a neck roll), straight-line runner to me. It will be interesting to see how he does against a pretty physical MSU defense.

  2. @buckyfootball I expect him to be a "Type 1" runner. Big and fast but not agile. In the mold of Jacobs, Peterson, DeMarco, and others. So I think that you are probably right that he is a straight-line runner, but there are plenty of examples of those types of runners who succeed. In general, I tend to think that too much emphasis is placed on running style. People thought David Johnson would suck because of his running style. I'm not saying that running style isn't significant, but it's still hard to assess running style and then make a meaningful non-coin-flip prediction based on that assessment.

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