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What We Can Learn from Week 11’s Gambling Lines

Early last season, Jonathan Bales wrote a piece here at RotoViz titled “Using the Vegas Lines to Make Money Playing Daily Fantasy Football.” In it, he shared interviews with top DFS players as well as his own insights. Among the many valuable lessons in the piece, Bales shared A.J. Bessette’s take on why Vegas lines can be trusted.

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By Ben Gretch | @YardsPerGretch | Archive

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  1. Fascinating stuff.

    Where do you get the scoring percentage breakdown by position for each team? Are you manually entering that data?

  2. This has to be one of the best articles written this year. Great job!!!

    I loved Rotoviz because of these types of articles but I noticed there were not hardly any this year as compared to the past few years.

    Also I noticed that there are not very many articles, for an example, like the Dallas Cowboys rb situation, in years past Rotoviz would have an extensive breakdown of their backfield comparing which back ups had the best athleticism and/or college production and why DMC would or would not be able to hold up with a high usage rate, etc....

    Nonetheless, this one article alone is well worth the subscription price.

  3. Pro-Football-Reference has really good scoring offense and scoring defense charts (towards the bottom of the page on each of those links) that break down the total number of points scored and allowed by each type of score. I drop that data into my own spreadsheet that has formulas for sorting the different scoring types into the categories mentioned in the article.

  4. Wow, that's really kind of you to say. Thanks a lot!

    Also, I hear what you're saying about the site, but I do think there are examples of what you're describing that maybe slipped through the cracks. For instance, here was a piece about Charcandrick West that Matthew Freedman wrote up right after Jamaal Charles' injury earlier in the year that kind of fits what you're describing.

    The Cowboys situation in particular has been tough to pin down with all the movement, but I think we should have more information about that one next week.

    ETA: Also, two of the RotoViz editors discussed the backups for Dallas a little bit on twitter this week, and are both people you should definitely be following (@FantasyDouche and @Cole_Kev). I would check out FD's timeline for some thoughts on that one.

  5. This is really a very interesting article. Will this be a regular feature I hope?

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