Week 6 QB Streamers and the Streamer of the Week

Streaming quarterbacks is a lot like when you’re in your 20’s and playing the field. Every time you go out to a bar or club, you see women and say to yourself “Thank goodness I’m single.” And then, after a few hours of striking out, you go home saying “Why am I still single!?” Likewise, every week when I look at the top scoring QBs, I feel like streaming is a very viable option with all of the QBs available. And then at the end of the week I’m cursing myself for not choosing the correct one. I think that what this experience has taught me most so far is that you don’t want to be streaming a new QB every single week. Ideally, you can find one or two late in your draft or on the wire that you can use throughout the season. There just seems to be too much variance with the weekly streaming method. But with that all said, let’s continue to look for QB streamers! First, how did I do last week?

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By Anthony Amico | @amicsta | Archive

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  1. Does the Carlos Hyde injury change the recommmendation for Kap?

    I'm trying to think whether it will be better or worse for the QB.

    I am streaming Bridgewater at the moment, but I'm somewhat concerned that KC offense won't really get going and Vikings will be happy winning 7-3.

  2. I am glad you have acknowledged what I consider the folly of streaming. Even among good to great players, I can't determine who is the better option to play in a given week and it invariably seems the high scorer is the guy I chose for the bench. To suggest streaming is a viable option, I would love to see someone stream their pick each week and at the end of the season, compare it the a bottom tier starter.

  3. Many websites have documented success with streaming QBs, it is reasonable to expect something in the QB4-10 range at the end of the year.

    People forget that even Luck/Rodgers/Brees/etc will have dud games.

  4. Would you play Kaepernick over Cam Newton at SEA?

  5. I think the toughest thing about actually grading streaming as a strategy is that even if the QB in question is only like 50% owned or something, you're already cutting out half of readers from the pool of people who can actually take the advice you're giving. So even if it can work in theory, in practice it's really difficult to execute.

    More often what happens when I stream is that I start the season with a low cost QB, that QB sucks, so I start going to the waiver wire and cycling through QBs until I find one that can be started most weeks.

    Alternatively I will sometimes end up with a platoon where I roster 2 guys and then play matchups.

    But actually streaming doesn't work very well in most cases and if you're managing more than 1 team it's going to be a full time job.

    Someone else pointed out how much of your FAAB budget you can burn on QBs.

    I am pro late round QB, I am probably not in practice a streaming advocate outside of swinging/missing on a late round target (or Peyton Manning in 2015) and being forced into it.

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