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Diary of a DFS Novice: DraftKings Week 3 Recap

Through the successes and the failures, the learning continues with my first season of a serious venture into daily fantasy football with a recap of my Week 3 performance. I don’t watch a lot of TV aside from sports and HBO, so I’m not afforded many opportunities to stumble upon a new show and get attached. But – one show that has broken through and has been a DVR staple for me is ‘The Profit’ on CNBC. Hosted by Marcus Lemonis, he buys into small businesses and establishes a process for them to follow. Through the 60 minute run-time, the original business owners and staff clash with Lemonis over the changes, and he preaches the line ‘trust the process.’ I think this line is so perfect for daily fantasy football, especially beginners. (Note: John Fox also preaches trusting the process for the Bears. But if the process there is to punt 10 times in a losing efforts, then perhaps the trust isn’t so justified.) The basic process for daily fantasy football can sometimes require that you have faith in ideas that almost seem to contradict your first instinct. Example: In GPPs, the primary goal is not to build a lineup that scores the most average points, but instead to build one which gives you the highest win probability. Through the first three weeks, I’ve experienced a few times where I didn’t trust the process, and both have been invaluable learning experiences:

The importance of bankroll management – In my first post, I went into great detail about how much time was spent researching bankroll management and strategy. I didn’t even make it through Week 1 without deviating from that. In Week 2, I made it a goal to adhere to the process, and it paid off in Week 3.

Preparation time – The sharks talk about the importance of spending the time to do the research for your lineups. And in actuality, it’s not hard to spend the time, when it’s readily available. But what happens when life gets in the way, or your interest just isn’t there for a particular week? This was the case for me in Week 2, and the results showed it. Finding the time to prepare and do the research is just like a job – you may not want to do it, but you need to in order to be successful.

I don’t want to speak for all beginners, but for me, it’s been tough to ‘trust the process.’ Week 2 was upsetting, and through three weeks I have yet to make a big cash in a GPP (this week, I had one entry bring in $90). But making drastic changes to things like money-in-play amount, or which contests to enter, would be an overreaction. So I hope that other beginners reading this come away with the advice that it’s about trusting the process that you carefully researched, all the while continuing to learn and get better with how you execute it. If you’re interested in trying out DraftKings, get a FREE entry to their Millionaire Maker event, plus a 100 percent deposit bonus through this special offer.

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By Sean Larsen | @LarsenDFS | Archive