Devontae Booker: Playground Bully or Premium Prospect?

If I really wanted to start this article by torpedoing all the warm fuzzies you might feel about Utah running back Devontae Booker, I might say something like… Would you believe that Booker is the just three months younger than Le’Veon Bell? …which is a totally absurd notion, right? Imagine what Bell would do against Pac 12 defenses this year. He’d beat up on all the little runt defenders like a playground bully who thrice repeated fourth grade. (shit, I actually did start the article with a torpedo). But before we immediately send Booker to the geriatric ward and discount his prospect status, I think there’s reason to take a long look at Utah’s standout runner. In addition to his age, there are some other unique elements about Booker that I think could make him a valuable asset for both an NFL franchise and your fantasy football roster.

The Elite Pass Catching Ability

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By Jon Moore | @HelloJonMoore | Archive