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A few people on the message boards asked what the best way is to leverage the Cheat Sheet app. I was trying to explain to them how I draft, which is roughly follow ADP with a slight emphasis toward players that we have ranked relatively higher at their position, when I realized that I could translate that process to a single number.

So I used my super impressive coding skills (generates code which would horrify anyone who actually knows how to code) and added a new column to the CSV output in the Cheat Sheet App. The new column, titled DRAFT_TARGET, is essentially a standardized number weighted 93 percent to ADP and 7 percent to the difference between our positional rank and the ADP positional rank. When you download your CSV you can simply sort descending by that column in Excel.

That number does a decent job of approximating the process I go through when I draft. I print out a cheat sheet ordered by ADP, cross names off as they’re selected, and am constantly looking ahead to see which player coming up represents the greatest relative bargain. Then I try to draft that player no sooner than I absolutely have to. But it also lets you take advantage of draft fallers too. For instance, I wrote this piece about Sammy Watkins earlier in the year. So wouldn’t you think that would preclude me from drafting Watkins? Maybe it should, but I own him on a team that I drafted a week ago. He fell to a spot where he seemed to represent value so I drafted him. By mixing ADP and our positional “equity” into a single number you’ll be able to draft both RotoViz bargains, and draft faller bargains. You still don’t have to follow that number exactly, but I wanted to add it to the sheet as an additional resource for valuation of players.

So if you want to see an ordering of players that is 93 percent weighted to ADP and then 7 percent weighted to our “equity” number, sort descending by DRAFT_TARGET.

Note that you’ll still want to make sure you’re using an ADP source that roughly approximates demand for players in your league. This also shouldn’t preclude you from following a draft strategy like Zero RB.

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  1. Love this--the perfect way to automatically move draft targets up just a little bit on my board to make sure I have a good chance to get them in a draft. I've already been using the cheatsheet app for most of my leagues and it's been working great--or at least I like the way my teams look so far. This update should help a lot.

    The only other thing I wish it could include (which doesn't sound that difficult, but what do I know?) is the high and low projections, or 75th and 25th percentile projections. This would indicate or at least stand in for a measure of the overall confidence that the RotoViz writers as a group have about a projection, and could be used to make a rudimentary distinction between high-upside/volatility and low-risk players.

    I think that would be useful anyway, since I often like to target safer "high-floor" players in the early rounds of a draft and use my later picks on riskier players that I perceive to have high ceilings.

    I guess there is one other thing I would wish for: a way to add tiers. I have found that a tiered cheat sheet is essential for an auction--far more important than any auction values, which are fluid anyway and depend so much on the valuations of the other players in the league. Luckily it's not that hard to add tiers myself once I download the data.

    Anyway, great work on this app--it is awesome!

  2. Got 2 standard, old school drafts this weekend. No PPR, no flex...just standard, 1 QB/2 RB/3 WR/1 TE set ups. When using the Cheat Sheet Calculator, which column should I focus on if I want to go best player available ? Value based rank, this new "93/7" category, or some combination of those or others ? I'm looking for balance and trying to maximize my starting lineup as Shawn said in his column on standard leagues a few days ago. Keep up the great work. Everyone should be so lucky to have info from you guys...just as long as it isn't anyone from my league of course. Thanks in advance !

  3. FD: Can you add CBS ADP again?

  4. @FantasyDouche

    Hey FD. Great app here – super helpful for my drafts this year and last. Just a quick question – how did you standardize the draft target number? I whipped up what I thought should be the same number (.93 & .07 weighted sum of ADP and equity) using Yahoo ADP because that's where I draft, and normalized it to mean zero, sd 1. By absolute value the ordering is basically the same, but the numbers themselves look way different. Just curious here. Keep up the good work!

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