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The RotoViz MFL10 Guide: 5 Things You Need to Know

NFL training camps have started and positional battles have begun to take shape. While diving head first into your 2015 fantasy football draft research, you may have just heard about these “MFL10s.” So what are these things that everyone seems to be talking about?

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By Aaron Butler | @RIPatriot | Archive

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  1. Great summary Aaron. I know I could have used something like this when I first started wading into the MFL10 depths. I think a new player could probably join seven leagues and use the best ball ADP tool (and some common sense) for every single one and probably win at least one of those leagues. It's a fantastic app.

    Oh, and I LOVE that picture of Chip Kelly.

  2. I did not know Rotoviz had the app where you enter your MFL id, that's pretty cool. As for me, I always target my guys, I play in a lot of leagues, win my fair share but I have 3 to 4 different sets of players depending on my draft position. Where as if I can get one of the 4 top rb's I want then I always target them. If I am at the end of the draft then I target the wr's. That is roughly what I mean but it is much more complex than what I can get in to here. Thanks for the info about MLF's

  3. I hear you Fishman. In non-MFL10 drafts, I go after "my guys" too. That section was more about volume drafting these leagues. After 10 or so MFL10 drafts (a $100 investment) you really hope to win at least one of them to break even. Even though I really like DeMarco this year and theoretically could have taken him in the first round of all 10 of those drafts. If something happens, I exposed myself to a lot of unnecessary risk. Not impossible to recover from but a detriment just the same.

    You see a lot of lament about owning Foster is upwards of 50% of leagues.

  4. Thanks Johnny! Really this article could have just been an advertisement for the Best Ball App. It is one of the best on the site. Well worth the price of admission.

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