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RotoViz Radio: Chris B. Brown & Josh Norris – Episode 78

Episode 78 (August 25, 2015): The seventy-eighth show of RotoViz Radio: A Fantasy Football Podcast (@RotoVizRadio), hosted by Matthew Freedman (@MattFtheOracle), with Josh Norris (@JoshNorris) filling in for Jon Moore (@TheCFX) and sponsored by Apex Fantasy Leagues ( @ApexFFML).

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Cohost: Josh Norris (@JoshNorris)

Josh is an NFL Draft writer for RotoWorld. In his return to the show, Josh talks about some rookies and discusses some draft-eligible college players from his conference previews.

Guest: Chris B. Brown (@SmartFootball)

Chris is the editor of Smart Football, a contributor to Grantland, and the author of The Art of Smart Football. On the show, Chris talks about football schemes and concepts, 2015 rookies such as Tyler Lockett, and the uncertain future of Cardale Jones.

Sponsor: Apex Fantasy Leagues

This episode is sponsored by Apex Fantasy Leagues, the best place to play seasonal fantasy football for money. With a skill-based format and industry-leading payouts, Apex ensures that the best fantasy players win big. Go to and sign up today.

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Hot Outtakes

Josh talks about his technological difficulties; Chris talks about the “B”-ness of his identity;  Josh & Matt talk about their increasing inability to play fantasy football; Josh “steals” Matt’s player comp; and Josh talks about NBC’s offices in Connecticut; Matt ruins an already bad segue.

Show Notes

The show’s introduction is provided by the vocal talents of Randy E. Aguebor (@RandyAguebor), the Affordable James Earl Jones.

To contact the show, reach out to Matt via Twitter (@RotoVizRadio) or email (

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