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Stop Drafting Andrew Luck Over Aaron Rodgers

In every redraft ADP list I’ve seen this season Andrew Luck is being drafted before Aaron Rodgers. Let’s stop the madness. Rodgers should clearly be the first quarterback drafted in 2015.

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By Justin Winn | @TheHumanHuman | Archive

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  1. I don't know if Rodgers is clearly the better option. In 2011 when Rodgers averaged 30+ points he had James Starks and Ryan Grant in his backfield. Now he has Eddie Lacy. You stated opportunity being equal we would prefer Rodgers. That is clear. But opportunity will almost definitely not be equal.

    Rodgers may have the higher floor, but Luck seems to have the higher ceiling.

  2. Luck's ceiling is higher because they play from behind and Rodgers gets the lead then they stop passing. Watched Jordy dominate the first half of many games last year just to get pulled in second half of the game because they had such a big lead.

  3. There's an injury risk with Rodgers that Luck hasn't demonstrated. At the level these guys are going off the board safety is probably a paramount consideration.

  4. To RealFishman's point - I think you've identified a significant detail there. However, there was a comment this off-season...I'm struggling to find it...where Rodgers was asked about that very thing and his response implied that after their playoff loss there agreement all the way up that taking the ball out of his hands was no longer going to be the norm. I hope that's true, because I'd like to see if that offense is capable of putting up a Pats-2007 type of season.

  5. Read a story this morning that Evan Silva retweeted saying the Pack are going to run more hurry-up offense.. They were only 24th in offensive plays last year and near the top of the league in most categories, scary to think that can improve even more..

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