Draft Strategy

Superflex is the Future

I have seen the future, and her name is superflex.


Noun | su·per·flex | \ˈsü-pər-fleks\

: a fantasy football league that includes a flex roster spot in which you may start a quarterback, offering fantasy owners the flexibility to start two quarterbacks each week.

Who Cares About Quarterbacks?

Tell me if you have heard any of these before: “Wait on quarterback.” “Why take a QB in the third round when I can get one almost as good in the eleventh round?” Late-round quarterback is now nearly the default assumption in many corners of the fantasy football universe, because it works. While a select few fantasy analysts are clinging to their early-round Andrew Luck picks like early humans rejecting fire out of fear, the overwhelming bulk of the fantasy world suggests waiting far longer to draft your team’s quarterback.

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By Joshua Lake | @LakeTwoQBs | Archive