The Bipolar Offensive Coordinator; Subtitle: The Two Kyle Shanahans

Kevin Cole wrote a great post the other day where he questioned our collective staff projection of Matt Ryan. I think he was right on in terms of pointing out that we almost have to be too low on Ryan. Prior to Kevin’s post I had forecast Ryan for about 580 attempts. After Kevin’s post I went back into the Projection Machine and ended up bumping him up to 595 attempts.

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By RotoViz Staff | @rotoviz | Archive

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  1. The thing is when I projected that entire offense, I came to a similar pass attempts rersult as you at 599.56 and had him to throw for 4562 yards, but he's still not a QB1. Not sure he can score enough touchdowns which will be the biggest factor for him to step up and be a QB1.

  2. Yeah I think Matt Ryan is especially sensitive to volume, although it's also possible that the balance in the offense increases his efficiency.

  3. In regards to efficiency, I think it's absolutely reasonable to expect great efficiency from Ryan. Matt Schaub used to be one of the most efficient QBs in the league, RG3 had the most efficient rookie season of all time I believe, and even Bryan Hoyer was really efficient on limited attempts over the first 9 games last season.

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