RotoViz Dynasty League: Rookie Draft Round 5

  It’s easy to say that we’re into the area where the picks don’t really matter, that they have minimal or even negative roster value, but I don’t think that’s the case for several reasons. First, the likely direct backup to Jonathan Stewart went in this round. Stewart’s backup always has value. Second, several intriguing IDPs came off the board in this stanza. Adding excitement to your rookie draft is one of the best reasons for including IDP in your league. You can also increase the importance of your draft by de-emphasizing waivers. The RDL has 14 teams and 55-man rosters, so if you hope to find a lot of mid-season value on waivers, you’re going to be disappointed. (I bid 603 of my 1000 FAAB units on Top 10 Sleeper candidate Chris Matthews in our first 2015 waiver session.) I think having what amounts to a non-free agency league is a lot of fun. It forces you to use your draft picks wisely and to manage your roster without access to the FA free lunch. I’ve added size, age, position, and team info for these players as it’s always helpful to have that in one place. In order to keep age consistent with earlier pieces, it represents age at the conclusion of the player’s final college season. Players will be approximately one year older at the conclusion of their rookie seasons.

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive