Debate: Could Marcus Mariota Be One of 2015’s Top Fantasy Quarterbacks?

I recently said on Twitter that Marcus Mariota has high-end QB1 upside in 2015, and that you shouldn’t let anyone tell you otherwise.1 Fellow RotoViz writer Heith Krueger responded to say that he disagreed and that we should do a piece explaining our varying views. While I don’t agree with Heith on Mariota, I did agree that his suggestion to do a piece on our differing views was a great idea. So here it is: Why Marcus Mariota may or may not be a high-end QB1 in 2015.
  1. As you’ll see, I didn’t mean that last part literally.  (back)

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By Justin Winn | @TheHumanHuman | Archive

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  1. I feel like almost every single argument you could make against Mariota would have also been applicable to Cam and RGIII.

    Note that if those two are the models, we're also unlikely to get any taste of what's coming from the preseason. Which sucks because you're kind of flying blind. The nice thing is that Mariota is super cheap. Cam basically was a waiver wire add in week 1. RGIII was a little more expensive. But Mariota is in "can't go wrong" territory.

  2. Haven't the Titans already confirmed that Mariota will be the starter barring injury and that the offense will be tailored to his strengths? I'd still be very concerned about the general level of competency in Tennessee, but it could be a lot worse. It could be Washington or Cleveland where the coaches have essentially said, "We're going to try to make our spread quarterbacks look as bad as possible and embarrass our GMs." This doesn't seem to be the case here where Whisenhunt and Webster are fighting for their jobs together.

  3. Eric says:

    I'll definitely have some Mariota shares via LRQB. Week one he gets the Bucs so could get off to a decent start. Week 2 is Browns. Hmmm.

  4. I don't believe they've explicitly confirmed it, but they've certainly come close. A lot of the, "well obviously you want the guy to start," "he's got the advantage in the competition," type of quotes. I'd be shocked if he didn't. I think the lack of confirmation probably has more to do with keeping Mett motivated than Mariota.

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