Are the Saints Looking to Change up their Offense?



“Look, we’re always going to throw the ball. As long as that guy’s in here, we’re going to throw the ball,” Strief said. “Because we’re good at it.”

“I don’t think we’re going to make some drastic change and we’re a ‘three yards and a cloud of dust’ offense,” Strief said. “That’s not who we are, that’s not how we’re built. I think the focus this offseason has been, ‘Let’s make sure that guys understand what they need to do to be in position to be successful at what we do.’”

Many people are projecting a down year for Drew Brees this season. In fact, Anthony Amico has three reasons you shouldn’t draft him. They’ve lost Kenny Stills and Jimmy Graham, then they signed CJ Spiller and traded for center Max Unger. They also lost Pierre Thomas and Travaris Cadet, who combined for 106 targets together.


Then you add in the targets missing from Stills and Graham, you have over 300 targets that need to go somewhere. The targets from Thomas and Cadet could easily find their way over to Spiller, which would in turn benefit Brees.

I think the offensive losses are being a little overstated at the moment. For example, lets look at 2008 when Brees threw for a league-best 5,069 yards.


His leading WR was Lance Moore… Graham was still in college and Marques Colston started six games. Brees managed to do a lot with very little.


They’ve also been one of the most effective scoring offenses for the last nine years. The Saints have a healthy Cooks coming back, the aging, but somewhat effective Colston is still there and maybe this is the year Nick Toon breaks out? Could their offensive scheme change? Sure it could, but I’d have to see it first and not just go by hearsay.

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