Allen Robinson is 2015’s Must Own Wide Receiver

Allen Robinson is the wide receiver you need to draft in 2015, the WR who may singlehandedly win you your leagues. The mid-round steal who might just finish as a top 12 option. Think of guys like Josh Gordon, Alshon Jeffery, and to a lesser extent, DeAndre Hopkins.I’m not saying that because of the constant hype coming out of Jaguars OTAs. That’s just a symptom of the impending breakout. Here are the real reasons he’s going to breakout in 2014.

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By Justin Winn | @TheHumanHuman | Archive

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  1. I couldn't agree more with the entire article. People need to remember Kenny Britt was straight ballin through three weeks of 2011 before his ACL tear. Those are some TOP comps for Robinson.

    Bortles, Thomas, Lee and the boys aren't going to get in the way of Robinson eatin this year.

  2. I've done two startups this offseason and both times took ARob in the 3rd. One time I took him over Jordan Matthews. The other time I took him over TY Hilton.

    I'm not saying either of those decisions were reasonable or right, just trying to make it clear that I really do feel this strongly about him. At least as strong as I felt about DeAndre last offseason.

  3. which pair is preferable to everyone:

    Robinson + David Johnson or Coleman + Perriman

  4. How says:

    Tough call... Maybe the Robinson side, since he's proven he can have some success in the NFL, but I'm NOT a Bortles believer, and Perriman's opportunity is just so good. Very tough call for me.

    In other news, the Allen Robinson hype train seems to have left the station... I think his ADP is climbing, and I've seen more than a few articles talking about him as a breakout. This always happens! Ugh. I sometimes wish I could move some of my leagues' drafts up to now.

  5. Justin Hunter getting arrested for stabbing someone probably doesn't hurt Wrights stock one bit.

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