The 2015 Agility All-stars

image credit to Patrick Mansell

image credit to Patrick Mansell

I’ll be honest and say that I probably couldn’t ever be a film guy because I don’t have any stomach for the part of prospect evaluation where you have to start with a list of prospects and then watch all of their tape, reserving judgment until you’ve seen a large enough sample for it to be meaningful. The college football landscape is vast and when you consider that sometimes NFL stars aren’t even stars on their college teams, it’s a pretty intimidating task. I’m inherently lazy, which is why I like to let datamining do some of the work for me. I’m always doing some kind of value screen, either with the Box Score Scout, or in a spreadsheet, or using the Sim Score apps. Today I figured I would post the result of one of those screens where I sorted the 2015 running backs by their weight adjusted agility. Actually, this is weight adjusted three cone. Three cone already comprises most of the Agility Score anyway as it is the larger number of the inputs. But also when you consider that a problem inherent in Agility Scores is missing data, I figured paring things down would be good. To arrive at the agility numbers below (Scaled Agility) I did the following steps:
  • created a regression to predict three cone from weight
  • calculated the amount above or below the regression line for each prospect
  • scaled that number from 0 to 100 for all prospects in my database
To save you the trouble of having to look at this sheet and then having to look at another sheet with Speed Scores, I also scaled speed scores from 0-100. I did that so that it would exist on a range that would be similar to the agility numbers you’re looking at. Note that a player had to have participated in the three cone in order to show up on this list.

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