Dynasty Fantasy Football: 2015 Rookie Mock Draft (Pre-Draft)

image via flickr/ steve schar

image via flickr/ steve schar

With the NFL Draft set to take place in two weeks, it’s time to roll all of the insight we’ve gathered in the last six months into one neat package. That’s what we’ve done here in the form of our 2015 dynasty rookie mock draft, pre-draft edition. Obviously things will change after we see where these guys land, but let this be your guide to our collective top 48 players entering the NFL this year. Please share your reactions in a comment at the end.

Round 1

1) Amari Cooper Selected by Scott Smith, who said: “As a metric guy I am going against the grain with Cooper over White because of words like route running and SEC pedigree…god I hate myself right now.” “Amari Cooper is and always was the best wide receiver prospect in this draft. Not only does he have the best Phenom Index score in the class, but he’s a good athlete and will get every opportunity to succeed as a likely top ten pick. Still just 20 years old, Cooper could legitimately add value to your dynasty roster for a decade.” – Jon Moore “I can’t fault anyone for taking Cooper No. 1 overall. First-round SEC receivers rarely totally suck.” – Matt Freedman “I prefer Cooper to both Gurley and White. He’s young, has great production, and I think he’s underrated in terms of size and athleticism. He’s as close to a sure thing as you can find.” -Justin Winn “Am I wrong in labeling Amari Cooper this year’s Teddy Bridgewater when it comes to unwarranted criticism? He is outstanding, but people seem to be searching for ways to put other wide receivers ahead of him.” -Heith Krueger Related reading: Amari Cooper versus the world,  Will Amari Cooper or Kevin White score more NFL touchdowns?

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